Sample piece of Notre Dame

Sample piece of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a large cathedral with many beautiful patterns on it. But what if we scale it down, can we still see all the details? Can we even print a miniature version of Notre Dame with all its beautiful details? Yes, we can, so we have made a sample piece which you can see here.

It is only 6×2.5×4.5 cm, but it is still filled with beautiful and complex details. This is possible thanks to PµSL technology from Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF). With their printers, we can create 3D prints with details down to the micrometer.

Here is one of the side doors and windows, where we can see some of Notre Dame’s details.

Here we can see the arches on the mini-cathedral, which are less than 1 mm thick, as well as the spires on it.

Here we can see the front of Notre Dame and how the doors are set well into the building. Normally, when creating 3D prints, material or support material is needed when printing something vertical, but since BMF’s printers use a layer thickness of 0.02 mm, there is no need for support.

So PµSL technology is clearly the way forward if you need to make 3D prints with extreme detail. If you now have a need for or interest in something that can create small prints with high detail, please feel free to contact us.