May 2022: ​After working with the 3D printing technology for several years and thereby gaining experience on the subject and the market, TECCLUSTER has decided to introduce their own brand of 3D printers – “TECCAM”.

TECCLUSTER once again breaks the boundaries of new technology

TECCLUSTER A/S (sept, 15.2021) - After Adding BMF´s microArch 3D printers to their product range in Denmark, Kolding. Once again TECCLUSTER incorporation with BMF, the pioneer in Microscale 3D printing systems, today announces their two new Ceramic Materials . . .

Advanced doors for the world's biggest passenger airliner

Just one Danish company was selected to participate in developing the world’s biggest passenger airliner, the Airbus A380. Teccluster played a central role in development of the Airbus doors.

If you get the chance to fly with the A380, you can see our contribution at the front left door and one of the two front right doors.

Development of container factories for maersk

Teccluster has for several years been a dedicated and close partner of Maersk Container Industry. Recently, Teccluster has contributed with expertise in Chile and southern China.

Innovative 3D wound scanner

  Teccluster’s latest project is a 3D wound scanner, developed in cooperation with Odense University Hospital.

development and testing of marine oil pipelines for nov flexible

In order to reduce scrap volume, Teccluster was asked to design and manufacture C-labelled equipment.

High precision machine for mars space probe

Teccluster has developed equipment and structures for various destinations. In 2008, we developed components for Mars.

Space frame equipment for rolls-royce

Teccluster har leveret konstruktioner til stort set hele den svenske og tyske bilindustri. I 2004 og igen i 2015 er også industien for britiske luksusbiler blevet berørt.


Teccluster A/S was founded in 2003 and is a Scandinavian supplier of 3D technology from leading market manufacturers. We provide everything in terms of 3D equipment from 3D printers, scanners and 3D software to machine material.

​Our modern facility in Kolding includes more than 2,000 km² of advanced machinery, including 5-axis milling machines and 3D technology.​

Trainees demonstrate their skills

​Company of the year and ey nominee 2015

​We are further supplier of customised engineering solutions, and we practically conduct all kinds of tasks from rapid prototyping, high-precision machining, reverse engineering to development and design of scale models and manufacturing tools.

We have participated in numerous interesting and large-scale projects, for instance supplying parts for a space probe and developing a revolutionary 3D wound scanner. Our efforts have been awarded several times over the years, for instance as elected Company of the Year 2014 and as nominee for IT-Forum’s EY Special Award.

Due to our long-term experience within 3D technology, we are able to quickly select the right technology, meeting your exact needs or those of your company. Contact us for more information.