We supply 3D printers from the leading and most innovative manufacturers in the market, including Prodways and Uniontech. Prodways has managers and founders with vast expertise within different technologies. The Group includes André-Luc Allianic, world-famous pioneer within several innovative technologies. The manufacturers have since 1986 developed and presented the most extensive range of technologies and set new standards within 3D printing with more than 400 patents.

This enables us to offer a wide range of products, from small to large frame sizes. With more than 50 different material technologies, we can further offer printers, manufacturing everything from colour prints to 3D prints in metal, wax and plastic.


Per Lynnerup

​Technical & Managing Director

Tel.: +45 76 93 90 90

Mobile: +45 20 96 39 39

Mail: per.lynnerup@teccluster.com