3D PRINT​ers from teccluster, bmf, uniontech and prodways

Wide selection from small to large build sizes

We offer a wide selection of 3D printers, including everything from small to large build sizes. Moreover, we also deal in over 50 different 3D print materials from suppliers such as Covestro. As such, we can offer 3D printers that print everything from the most sophisticated plastics to metal, wax and plastic.

Our selection of 3D printers includes several different, well-renowned brands, such as Boston Micro Fabrication, Uniontech and Prodways. Finally, we also supply our own brand of 3D printers, the TECCAM-series, and are ready to give you a good offer on these.

Prodways have developed and delivered the largest and broadest supply of technologies since 1986, and with over 400 patents, they continue to set new standards within 3D printing. Prodways is made up of a number of founders and leaders with great expertise within various technologies. One of these people is André-Luc Allianic, who is world-renowned for his long list of innovative solutions

Uniontech was founded in 2000, and initially focused on the Chinese marked, where they to this day have the largest market share. In 2017 they got started on the European market, and we have been collaborating with them since.

Boston Micro Fabrication have specialized within Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL)and the printing of microscopic articles. 3D printers from BMF are known for excelling within accuracy, precision and high-resolution. These microscopic articles are applied various industries, such as medicals and electronics.

At Teccluster we have had almost 20 years of experience with 3D printing, and in 2022 we launched our own series of stereolithographic 3D printers, the TECCAM-series. Our ambition for the TECCAM-printers is to elevate 3D printing to new standards by offering a 3D printer that is characterized by its uniquely minimal footpring. Moreover, the TECCAM-printers feature an open design, which enable users to use all input materials on the market for their printing needs. This gives users great flexibility in regards to what and how an article will be produced.


Per Lynnerup

​Technical & Managing Director

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