​​NOMINated for ey special award

​​NOMINated for ey special award

​​Eight specially selected companies compete in winning the EY Special Award at the annual IT-Forum conference. The award is presented annually and sponsored by the auditing company EY.

​The EY Award is given to companies that have succeeded in creating growth potential by means of IT, or have developed an IT-based solution with vast growth potential.

Teccluster nominated because of new 3D wound scanner

In 2015, Teccluster was represented on stage, when all the selected companies had one minute to present themselves and their solution. On the occasion, Teccluster presented the 3D wound scanner, being one of the reasons for the nomination. A live vote then sent three of the contenders to the finale. Unfortunately, Teccluster lost to the company Brainreader.

​The purpose of the EY Special Award is focus on the competences and interesting companies of Southern and Central Jutland in order to inspire others to focus on IT as a driving force for business development.

​​The award show took place on September 30th, 2015.