TECCLUSTER expands the material range of 3D printers

TECCLUSTER expands the material range of 3D printers

TECCLUSTER A/S (sept, 15.2021) – After Adding BMF´s microArch 3D printers to their product range in Denmark, Kolding. Once again TECCLUSTER incorporation with BMF, the pioneer in Microscale 3D printing systems, today announces their two new Ceramic Materials, suitable for the microArch S240 and S230:

  • AL (Alumina) Ceramic – A biocompatible and chemical-resistant ceramic resin meant for high temperature, high strength and high stiffness applications such as tooling (injection molding), casing and housings and medical devices.
  • MT (Magnesium Titanate) Ceramic – The combination of high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss make MT Ceramic suitable for millimeter wave applications such as antennas, wave guides and other electronic components.

The abilities of AL and MT are increasable. Now it is possible to produce more medical components and millimeter wave applications.

​“I have been working with 3D Printers and 3D technology since 1990 and the BMF’s technology will open up many opportunities in hearing aids, medical devices, electronics and the microelectronic mechanical systems industry. Very small high-precision parts that cannot even be injection molded can now be manufactured by micro-precision 3D printing technology.

​Moreover, we are very pleased to announce our two new Ceramic Materials today with our new partner BMF and their professional team “said Per Lynnerup, Founder & Managing Director of TECCLUSTER A/S.


​TECCLUSTER A/S is a Scandinavian supplier of 3D technology providing, 3D printers, scanners, software and materials.
TECCLUSTER A/S was founded in 2003. The company has been awarded several times over the years, elected Company of the Year and nominee for IT-Forum’s EY Special Award and has been 5 time winner of the Gazelle award.

Media Contact:
Hosai Niazi