‘The Basic Certificate’ – Supply Chain Innovation

‘The Basic Certificate’ – Supply Chain Innovation

The CEO of Teccluster, Per Lynnerup, presented his take on ‘the basic certificate’ during a seminar about Supply Chain Innovation September 25th, 2015.

In cooperation with Børsen and Business Kolding, the University of Southern Denmark used the seminar to focus on how companies can optimise work for increased performance.

​About the seminar:

​The greatest source of competitiveness is found within the supply chain. Here, you create innovation, based on the concepts business processes, technology and network structure. A total of 114 business people were basically introduced to the meaning of Supply Chain Innovation.

​CEO Per Lynnerup told about the importance of keeping development at a pace, ensuring that product master data is not eliminated completely:

– It is important that products are described in detail. It is further crucial that companies have clear guidelines on who is responsible for updating product master data. The product development department is responsible for delivering the child, so the people there know the child’s shoe size, making them responsible for making the show size part of the child’s master data.

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